This is biblical!

 Almost like Noah’s flood or Moses parting the Red Sea. It’s an epoch where an invisible plague descends upon the land, killing us. We sit defenseless on the sofa watching the screen. We’re isolated and wondering what hit us? Five years ago a rich wise man warned us we were preparing for the wrong attack. Bill Gates said in a 3/18/15 TED Talk the anti- missile Iron Dome shield wouldn’t slow down a single virus. We should invest in pandemic protection. Bill’s “Talk” did not go viral.

How did it work in the past?

During the Viet Nam war, a cacophony of panic talk arrived each day, heavy on apocalypse but contradictory when it came to solutions. The hawks and doves went at it endlessly while the body bags kept coming. At length, an unpopular president was compelled to end to it all, ingloriously. He was impeached and resigned. 

Now what?

In retrospect, there were wise men speaking the truth in the 1960’s, but a divided population could neither agree nor unify behind them. Today where do we turn for truth and wisdom?

     1. The politicians are obliged to fluff up our hopes and desires. Doctors have more wisdom and speak science. Let’s unite behind the later.

      2. Today Bill Gates tells us “Separate, isolate and test. When it is all over-invest in the capacity to scale up diagnostics, drugs, and vaccines.”  

     3. Columnist Peggy Noonan says our government should look to the European model of holding on to jobs. Then she adds:

 “Everything works—and will continue to work—as long as we have electricity. It’s what keeps the lights on, the oxygen flowing, the information going. Everything is the grid, the grid, the grid.  

   4.  Robert Schuller once wrote, “Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.”      

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  1. Absolutely! I can barely believe what some of our politicians are trying to convince us of lately.

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