A Bungalow of Surprises

Barclay Henderson has a new book that is available now on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

Read more about the new book online at:

Bungalow Of Surprises


 A Bungalow of Surprises is a treasury of colorful personalities. They are old and young, rich and poor, domestic and foreign with lessons of audacity, living life on your own terms.

We will enter the desert tent and the mind of a nomadic Bedouin woman, spend a year with a geisha and learn the power of risk from a third degree black belt who’s secret teaching weapon is strudel.

We’ll venture back in time to the Renaissance, the Viking era, and the heyday of the Silk Road. Along the way, we’ll confront enchanting ideas and insights from animals, microorganisms, sperm cells and sphincters.

This is a life’s voyage without a dress rehearsal. Most experience is new to us, an adventure in surprise and irony. The secret is to embrace those surprises as our most powerful teachers. So buckle up and expect the unexpected as you careen into these pages. They contain the surprises that have filled my own bungalow of stories and life’s lessons.

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