It all starts with your Replacement: aka Not making enough babies. We’re not even close. You can complain to your legislators, or sit back and chuckle at the irony of it all, but the demographic changes are coming to all of us.

 According to the NYTimes; we, you, and I, including the Europeans, and soon East Asians aren’t replacing ourselves. We are a big important group, representing 38% of the planet’s inhabitants. We are huge in the industrial world holding more than 90% of the wealth. Trouble is we are not only old but will require a young workforce to keep things humming.

 Our mirror image is Africans. They’re a mere 17%.    population total, but will soon represent the majority of the planet’s working-age population. Quoting Ross Douthat in his New York Times editorial of 11/2/23

 “Two Ways of Looking at the West’s Population Dilemma”

“…about Africa’s “youthquake,” the surge in population growth that’s going to give the continent the world’s largest work force within the next decade — “  

In a word, we are the elderly rich, but haven’t the youthful workers we need. Africa, on the other hand, has lots of young workers who need good jobs. This is an imbalance of resources that doesn’t work and will soon be getting worse.

Pity the American, European, and East Asian legislatures tasked with handling the economy, border protection, and immigration policies.  Give your Rep an “Atta boy” for being stuck with these insoluble problems. Then give a smile and a chuckle for you and me because, in the end, we’ll be living in facilities where our diapers are being changed by caregivers who look nothing like us. This presumes your kids are busy without doing diaper duty for you.

We the industrialized countries will continue to age and will require workers from Africa. This needn’t require military action. It should be a happy marriage of convenience.

 So, forget about open borders, walls, and racial replacement. Instead, let’s start making nice with those young Africans. Get them happily housed, job-trained, and filling in for our aging retirees.

Then again, if this is too much adjustment for your mind to digest, go ahead and resist. Meanwhile, be patient while you wait for your clean diaper change.   

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