That goes for you too Vladimir and Xi

The Climate Summit began this week in Glasgow, and neither President Putin nor Chairman Xi Jinping showed up. These two powerful men know how to make geo-political and diplomatic calculations and must have considered the matter before canceling. Their intelligence and sound judgment have served them well in countless conflicts. Hopefully, they know what they are doing.

A simple-minded cowboy like Will Rogers is no match for the brain power of these two world titans. In spite of that, Will might reach a different conclusion. He would see the global warming issue and conclude it’s a problem that will resolve itself regardless of Vladimir and Xi. Polluters will cooperate under the dictates of scientific evidence to head off the problem, or they can endure the full brunt of a world that’s not habitable by our species. Rogers was more concise, observing there are three kinds of men:

The one that learns by reading.

The few who learn by observation.

The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.”

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  1. There is a deep symbolism in the electric fence scenario. As a child i read that catching fireflies in a jar along the electric fence but would light me up a lot brighter than them. Buy middle age i observed the fireflies were gone, thanks to DDT, so the fence wasn’t an issue. Now in my senior years i find that repercussions from the pesticides have made an electric fence or any urgent place off the beaten path to pee is better than trying to hold it in.

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