Where can you get self assurance?

Through no skill or effort, I make gift recommendations to a small charitable donating foundation. Anyone who affiliates with an organization handing out generous checks finds it does wonders for their self-esteem. Miraculously I became a person of interest and a plum to directors of charitable development or fundraiser. Nobody knows in advance if those bequests will be skimpy or obscenely generous. Despite, or because of that ambiguity, I become popular with the men and women on Development Teams. They take me out to lunch; they feel honored that a possible donor will listen to their pitch, and we all have a splendid time. It reminds me of Hollywood movie production before Harvey Weinstein. It’s very flattering and makes me understand that I’m a likable person of some importance. If you spend time in the company of such admirers, you start to like yourself better. I find it puts a jaunt in my stride. Such an outward showy appearance is necessary to verify those better features so obvious to Development Directors.
My good wife and friends often miss those exquisite characteristics and only hear my pontificating on tedious subjects that put them to sleep. However, as a donor, I’m a sage of wisdom with profound insight regarding matters magnificent or trifling. Every joke is a sidesplitter that has never been heard before. The deference and free lunches are unearned and slightly fraudulent, so whenever these people hang on my every word, naturally, I demure politely and downplay any adulation. (About as much as you might expect)

I write this not to impugn the many worthy fundraisers and charities. High regard and compliments are a simple fact of nonprofit life.
There is a relationship between charitable giving and feeling good about yourself, which is the point of this story. It is an important one.

Self assurance in not just enjoyable, it’s important.

Many people suffer self-doubt and wish to build up their assertive muscles. Self-help books, podcasts, and expensive psychologists assist people with assurance-building suggestions. One alternative remedy to the assurance deficiency problem might be to associate yourself with large donor foundations and work your way into the Disbursement Department. You will be catered to, entertained, and adored. Soon, like old Charles Atlas, you’ll be able to flex your self-assertion capabilities. Shortly after that, you’ll realize that you are an extraordinarily classy fellow, sought after by multitudes.
Then again, rather than make some drastic career change, you might consider accomplishing the same results by donating funds on your own.
Happy Donating Tuesday.

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