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Instinct is a Cosmic Force enabling us to perform the impossible.

I imagined a wise old tortoise representing the reptile community, a cute Monarch butterfly from the insect family met with me standing in for the Homo sapiens. The conversation started with Mr. Turtle, who led off with his miraculous birth:
“I was buried alive when born, abandoned by Mom and Pop. Yet, despite that and with no help from anyone, I dug my way up and found my way down to the ocean before the seagulls could grab me. That qualifies as unbelievable.

Miss Monarch Butterfly would not be outdone and told her own astounding true story.
“Grand Pa was born in a humble tree outside of Mexico City, flew transcontinental to New England, met, mated, and produced my mom. She flew back towards Mexico but didn’t make it. She left me to my own devices, and I completed the journey. With no navigational devices whatsoever, I completed an incredible journey. Without guidance or instruction, I navigated back to the same tree where Grandpa began. No other abandoned, homeless child can make a three-generation odyssey like that. Certainly not you, Mr. Homo-sapiens.

Without your doctor’s bottom smack,you couldn’t even figure out how to breathe initially. As for navigation, you still need directions, maps, and a Waze App to find your way out of the mall.

What if anything is Instinct for Humans?

I felt the sting of an insulting attack from this diversified group, but I did my best.

“Not so,” I answered. Mother Nature has endowed us with some instinct or cosmic force guiding us. It’s so we can better adapt to where we live. But your miraculous instincts are in no way superior to mine.

My people, acting on our keen instinct to explore, produced more miracles than all your reptiles and bugs combined. We followed our exploratory instinct, circumnavigated the planet, journeyed to the moon, and explored Mars. More recently, we placed an “Eye in the Sky telescope” a million miles out there orbiting the sun. Our Webb telescope looks beyond, way beyond little continents and galaxies. We can now look back to where TIME, SPACE, and COSMOS first began.

Your little bugs and turtles may have looked up at the heavens and saw a few twinkle twinkles in the vastness of space, while my people have proved there is no vacant space! We discovered that space isn’t empty in every direction you look, but it is chock full of stars, galaxies, and weird structures beyond explanation. That’s much better than flying to Mexico or digging out of the sand.

We all like to boast we’re masters of our domain and captain of our ship, not just puppets with a “COSMIC puppeteer FORCE” pulling our strings. Yes. We have that cosmic influence motivating all of us living things. But we Sapiens have utilized that urge to do more than splashing in the sea or flying home to Grandpa’s Mexico tree. We’ve looked at and photographed the birth of our cosmos that gave birth to all of us life forms here today. We’ve done something big: Even miraculous, and are damn proud of it.

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