We are the good guys!

Like millions of husbands, after dinner, I clean up. It leads me to believe there are two kitchen people: Creative types- chefs; and there are noble, abused dishwashers.

Both are legitimate jobs, but they’re in conflict. I wash while she creates. These activities are irreconcilable. Cooks reap glory and praise. Dishwashing? It’s unskilled labor, patronized or viewed with condescension.

It gets worse!

When I fill in as salad chef, we use the entre plates. No salad bowels ever touch the table.  A month of dinner salads can pass with no pots or pans adding to the washing load.

What about the chef of the house? The incentives are asymmetrical. Does food prep require so many pots, pans, tureens, ladles, and spatulas to create a meal? Are ALL those vegetable bowls, serving plates, sauce- soup-dessert- tea service, finger bowls, and wine goblets are necessary? They are tormenting the washing department.

We don’t require finger bowls!

All you guys who help out after the meal, let’s simplify or solve this thing. Couldn’t we live well with more paper-wrapped burgers, shish kebabs on a stick, or sandwiches? Maybe some ice cream cones for dessert?  Dirty dinner dishes are not necessary for every meal.  

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  1. Julie and I have reached a solution. I cook and clean the cooking utensils. She cleans the used meal plates. Reversing that has not happened often. Her reply “Are you serious?” “You just keep meal planning and cooking; I’ll happily take care of the clean up.” Works for me.

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